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Welcome to my website.  I have made photography my hobby for about forty years.  It all started out with my dad buying me my first film camera which was a Kodak. I loved that camera and had a great time with it.  My dad then gave me his old Voightlander Vito B and I took a vast number of slide photos with it. I still have this camera and it works perfectly.

After this I bought a Fujica 35mm and from there moved on to Sony, Pentax, Minolta and Nikon cameras all of which I love and all of which I still have and in working condition. I also collect old and vintage cameras of all makes including a 1930 Voightlander Bessa F/6.3 folding camera in perfect condition.

My first love is photographing landscapes and architecture but I like to photograph whatever catches my eye, and I have a wonderful subject in the form of our lovely cat Ellie, so as you will see there is a category of photos of Ellie.

Living in Scotland gives me a lot of beautiful scenery to photograph so when I get the chance to get out and about  I always have a camera with me of some description.

I also have family who live in Colorado so you will see some of the photographs I have taken when on visits there.  It is truly majestic and beautiful.

So please have a look around. I hope you enjoy just some of the photographs I have taken whether you like landscapes, buildings and architecture or just some random photographs of various locations, and not forgetting of course Ellie.

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