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The figure was replaced in April 2006. The memorial was then unveiled by the Lord Lieutenant of Stirlingshire on 21 April 2006. The names listed below were in order of seniority of rank starting with officers, then non-commissioned officers then Privates - for ease of reading and research they have been listed here in alphabetical order.

The 1st Battalion sailed on the Orcana about 27th October 1899, and arrived at the Cape about 18th November. Along with the 2nd Black Watch, 1st Highland Light Infantry, and 2nd Seaforths, they formed the 3rd or Highland Brigade under Major-General Wauchope, and after his death, under Brigadier - General Macdonald.

When Lord Methuen started on his way to Kimberley he took with him the Guards Brigade and the 9th Brigade, made up of troops then in South Africa. At Belmont and Enslin or Gras Pan these brigades had stiff work, he accordingly called up the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders when he was moving from Gras Pan, and they were with him on the day of Modder River, 28th November. The battalion was placed under the commander of the 9th Brigade, Major-General Pole-Carew. A short account of the work of that brigade, including an excerpt from the despatch as to Modder River, is given under the 1st Northumberland Fusiliers. At 6.30 A.M. the battalion was in reserve, but before 7.30 A.M. they were in the firing line.

They extended on both sides of the railway, and those on the right of it, having little cover, suffered very severely It will be remembered that notwithstanding every effort the Guards Brigade on the right of Lord Methuen’s line could not effect a crossing of the river…….

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A.S.H.Boer War Monument


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A.S.H. Boer War Monument

The memorial is to be found on the Esplande, Stirling Carlisle. It commemorates Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders during the South African (Boer) War. The memorial was unveiled on 12th January 1907 by Her Grace the Duches of Montrose.

The memorial takes the form of a granite pedestal surmounted by bareheaded, kilted, Highland soldier with bandolier, blanket and water bottle slung across his shoulders.

The figure stands with his rifle at the ready. The inscription is on bronze plaques attached to the sides of the pedestal. The sculptor was Mr Hubert Paton. The Regimental badge is depicted in relief at the top centre of the dedicatory plaque.

There are 149 names listed on the memorial. Statue was removed in November 2005 for repair work which involved repairing cracks, removing rust and repainting it.