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The Kings Knot

There are two gardens within the castle, the southern one including a bowling green. Below the castle's west wall is the King's Knot, a 16th-century formal garden, now only visible as earthworks, but once including hedges and knot-patterned parterres. The gardens were built on the site of a medieval jousting arena known as the Round Table, in imitation of the legendary court of King Arthur.

Once a royal hunting forest, King’s Park is now the city’s most popular green space.  A curiosity within the Park is the grassy mound known as the King’s Knot. The area was laid out around 1630 as a royal garden. The mound itself may be older.

Recent work conducted by Glasgow University unveiled the circular stone table formations found under the existing mound. This is thought to be one possible location for King Arthur’s legendary round table. The site was used for many of the medieval tournaments which took place throughout the history of the city.

Stirling Castle sits at the centre of a much larger royal landscape and is one of the best preserved Royal Parks in Scotland. The 800 year old park was established by King William I and what we can see today reflects this long history of royal investment and changing fashions. The park performed many roles: its farm fed the castle, it housed the stables and the laundry, held jousts, and witnessed the celebration of royal births. However, it also has a darker history of warring Celts and executions!

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The Kings Knot


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