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 The Queen Anne Garden

Although the main gardens were always beneath the castle to the south-west, the area in front of the southern curtain may have been transformed in to a garden as early as the 1400’s, thereby creating an elegant outdoor space.

This tranquil garden may seem at odds with the warlike purpose of this vulnerable entrance side.  A terraced walk from the Palace overlooking the west end of the garden was created against the Forework in the mid-1500s.  Traces are still visible of balusters which enclosed the upper terrace.  They were created in 1628-9, around the time when the gardens were transformed into a bowling green.

The tree here is a beech and is more than 200 years old.

The gardens might also have been used for games of tennis or football. The world’s oldest football was found at Stirling Castle, lodged in the rafters of the Queens Chamber, during works in 1981. It’s over 475 years old you can see it at The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum.

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The Queen Anne Garden


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